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Steelcase leap chair – Leap chair is the top ergonomic chair line produced by Steelcase. This chair has been successful in the corporate and home office environment for a variety of reasons. The jump chair slides forward and backwards to accommodate different heights of users. One seat can accommodate almost everyone. The steelcase leap mechanism is one of the best in the market. Where since most seats have a lying mechanism that binds the seat and backs back when you lie down, the Leap seat remains flat and just behind the back seat. Seats are actually slipping slightly forward because when you lie down your ass has a natural tendency to slide forward.

This means that when you lie in your chair, your knees and backs will stay at the same height from the floor and you will not “drown” under your desk. Your feet can also stay flat on the floor even when fully resting. The steelcase leap chair also has a slope separator so you can control how far you can lie down, or can be locked in an upright position. Lumbar adjustment jumps up and down and can also be adjusted to depth, so you can place it in a sweet spot at the bottom of your back and then adjust how deeply it depends on how much support you need then.

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The jump is available with the adjustable 4-D arm, forward / reverse, in / out, and can be rotated in and out as well, enabling them to be placed in the right position depending on where you need support. Steelcase leap chair has headrests available to provide it. The jump is available in a variety of colors and materials, so whatever you are sure will find a choice that matches your office environment.

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